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If only 15 French establishments offer international sections to learn Chinese young , you should know that this new language can require between 5 and 15 years of learning before being perfectly mastered! Thus, learning a language like Mandarin is like learning Russian or Arabic: you have to have a strong will, and a lot of time available in front of you! In this article, we explain the advantages of starting the Chinese language young : in addition to the fact that China is a great economic power, essential in commercial relations today, Chinese culture is also fascinating. The interest of learning such a language is therefore obvious.

To learn to speak this language, it is necessary in particular to take Chinese lessons, this is what will allow you to know the basics :

intonation in sentences,

Learning during the day is much better for memorizing and assimilating concepts, grammar rules and new words. But often this free time during the day is only available to students or teenagers. From an early age, it is therefore possible to progress quickly by enrolling in Chinese lessons .

Chinese lessons in France are taught in several places: at school, in associations, in private training institutes.

The People’s Republic of China is not only known for its ideograms, but also for its very present Chinese culture, whether it is its great philosophers, such as Confucius, or its great monuments such as the Great Wall of China. In fact, more and more young people are taking advantage of their holidays to take a language course in total immersion . It’s the best way to learn quickly, and well, while discovering a new world.

Speaking of discoveries: it must be said that Chinese is a language and a culture quite apart . Just seeing the Chinese characters, which are called sinograms, can be said to make young people want to learn: it echoes artistic activities! By being interested in it, young people learn to read and write in no time. This also allows memorization to work, which is more difficult in adulthood.

Chinese calligraphy is so artistic, with nearly 60,000 signs! Even great Chinese writers do not know them all, since only 3,000 are needed on a daily basis.

In addition, many psychologists have agreed that languages ​​like Chinese help stimulate children’s creativity . Just look at the richness of Chinese painting, often associated with calligraphy or other arts: it’s unique! Doing a Chinese initiation from an early age is a way to become aware of it. Often, children’s favorite activities are none other than Indian ink tattoos or oil painting on canvas. The best known are:

These are more or less technical variants of Chinese painting , which are accessible from an early age. Also, many young people appreciate being able to write their name in Chinese , using a Chinese French dictionary. In fact, starting Chinese at a young age has a definite advantage: developing creativity, and quickly becoming interested in this colorful language.

Obtain essential linguistic reflexes from a young age by practicing Mandarin

How to be bilingual in Chinese?

Starting Chinese from an early age allows you to be bilingual in adulthood, where learning is more complicated

Mandarin Chinese is one of the official languages ​​of the United Nations : that’s how important it is. With more than 1.2 billion speakers whose mother tongue it is, it is simply an essential language. However, just as foreigners find French difficult to learn, Chinese is one of the most complex languages ​​to learn. It usually takes between 3 and 5 years to learn the basicsin Chinese writing, reading and grammar, in order to be able to manage in a familiar situation. On the other hand, mastering oral comprehension or even phonetic transcription (going from the word to the Chinese letters) takes a lot of time. Starting Chinese at a young age therefore has the advantage of consolidating the basics before practicing the language.

To learn how to speak Chinese fluently, the best thing is still to do a language course to immerse yourself with the entire Chinese population, or with a host family.

Beginner or intermediate level, it doesn’t matter : you have to work on your oral expression as well as your Chinese writing, to master all aspects of the language. Beginning this learning before higher education is a good way to become bilingual or perfectly autonomous after only a few years.

Especially since the Chinese language, which is often (sometimes wrongly) called Mandarin, is actually made up of several dialects and languages , such as Cantonese, Wu or Ping. Mandarin is simply the best known and most used variant on a daily basis. Among the things to know about the Chinese language, and to appropriate, we find:

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