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First, there are many French scholarships for studying abroad. Apart from the famous social grant, there are grants from the city, the general council, the regional council and the foundations. Find out from your school, social welfare service or international affairs office.

European countries colonized the world. They imposed themselves by force. Today China is in the process of making itself known by using a different strategy from that of the Europeans. These are development aid, partnerships, contracts but also and above all scholarships. Through this policy, China popularizes its culture, its language and makes itself loved. China treats its “foreigners” well to make itself loved by the world and to be accepted where it does not hope to be. It makes propaganda its publicity.

For a developing country, I think it’s pretty good. It’s unfair to compare it to that of a developed country, because we don’t have the resources and the accumulation. We know that education is always linked to economic status.

We have two hopes for education in China: to select elites and to be fair to all.

Our most excellent students go to our two best universities: Tsinghua and Beijing. In China the competition at school is very intense, but you can never get to the top just by working hard. According to my contacts with the students of this

Why are there no standardized curricula in China?

Learning is to modify the learning plan according to the needs, no plan is always unchanged

The “free” studies. In France, we are incredibly lucky to be able to study for free for scholarship holders if not at very low cost in universities.

Renowned business and engineering schools

The French language is really a plus I find, we are looking for more and more people abroad able to speak this magnificent language.

Good morning! I am a Chinese student studying in Montpellier. I come from southern China. In China, different provinces have different dialects. Even if Mandarin is unified, there will still be a little difference~! If the southern accent is a violin, the northern accent is a cello!

In fact, you can go to any city to learn Chinese, but I suggest to go to the provincial capital, the consumption in Beijing and Shanghai will be very high, Guangzhou can speak Cantonese (very different from Mandarin).

Original question: What are the boldest architectural achievements and projects in China?

The waterfall at the Liebian International Building rises 108 meters above the ground but has a major problem: this fantasy comes at a staggering cost.

China: an unlikely skyscraper… with an integrated waterfall

A skyscraper in southwestern China, equipped on one of its faces with the “highest artificial waterfall in the world”, joins the long list of audacious or strange constructions built in the Asian country.

Ten extravagant Chinese architectural projects

The future tallest tower in the world, the ugliest building or the ray-shaped museum: the best and the worst of Chinese architectural performances.

I will name a few that I think are the most common scholarships for studying in China:

Chinese government scholarships : there are many but the one that is interesting here is the exchange program scholarship between Chinese students and European students. It therefore allows students residing in Europe to go to China for their studies. He is po

the pressure on women to marry, although there are 33 million more men than women, women are under pressure to marry before the age of 25, unmarried women between 25 and 30 are called women forsaken!

one thing that surprised me about the Chinese, they are more interested in games than sex.

Although we have access to university rankings, what they are based on does not allow us to say that there is one better than another. The diploma issued at the end of the course is a public diploma, the same for everyone. Leaving university, the students all having the same diploma (validated licence, etc.), the place where they studied matters little.

What can differentiate the schools is the quality, the investment of the teachers, the elitism of the school…. But it depends on everyone, for example a very tough teacher can push up a

The advantage of learning Mandarin would be the same reasons why we all learn one language or more than one language.

Learning Mandarin is a major asset to advance in the professional world, it allows you to work with China without necessarily needing a translator or an interpreter, thus avoiding the costs of a company. Of course, only learning Mandarin is not effective, you need to acquire knowledge in a professional field, for example, commerce, communication, negotiation

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